CGTPL Anomalocaris
Vital statistics
Attributes Rigid armour; compound eyes; disk-shaped mouth; had two appendages
Diet Trilobites; other arthropods; Haikouichthys
Fossil finds North America
Temporal fossil range Cambrian
535 to 520mya
Other names
Production information
Notable individuals
TV appearances Walking with Monsters: Water Dwellers
Book appearances
This is Anomalocaris: Earth's first super-predator!

Walking with Monsters: Water Dwellers

Anomalocaris was a primitive arthropod from the Cambrian. It was the first super-predator to evolve and was one of the first to evolve compound eyes.

Physical appearance and biologyEdit

Anomalocaris was a primitive arthropod. It was the forerunner of all the groups of arthropods; from arachnids to insects. This arthropod had two long appendages protruding from its head and had many flexible lobes running down the sides of its body. Its eyes were positioned upon stalks and the eyes were black and compound.

Behaviour and traitsEdit

Anomalocaris were predators that killed their prey by forcing it through its disk-shaped mouth. Since most of the animals it preyed upon were arthropods, its mouth was strong and was able to crush the toughest carapace. Once done so, Anomalocaris would feed on the soft innards.

Anomalocaris was a highly territorial and aggressive animal. Once two of the same species came into contact, they were attack each other by holding onto its back to try to split the armour. Once the armour is penetrated, the loser would retreat. If the wound was open, it would leave the Anomalocaris prone to attack by miniscule predators like Haikouichthys.

The eyes of Anomalocaris was situated upon stalks and were compound, like modern insects. Despite its complexity, its eyes were not unique as many other Cambrian creatures possessed them, including Anomalocaris' prey.

In Walking with MonstersEdit

Water DwellersEdit

An Anomalocaris attacked a trilobite which was foraging on the sea floor. As the arthropod's carapace was crushed by the super-predator's mouth, its innards were eaten. The Anomalocaris subsequently left, leaving a trail of blood with it.

Straight afterwards, the same Anomalocaris joined another in a duel. As the pair wrestled, one managed to climb onto the other's back and split its armour. The loser swam away in defeat. However, a shoal of Haikouichthys swam down on the Anomalocaris and feed on its open wound. The super-predator tried to ward off its attackers by squirming but it couldn't escape until the fish finished their meal.

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