Vital statistics
Attributes Long body; 1m long; stinger the size of a lightbulb; had primitive lungs; powerful pincers; one of the first animals on land
Diet Cephalaspis; primitive fish; other arthropods
Fossil finds Europe
Temporal fossil range Silurian
420 to 415mya
Other names
Production information
Notable individuals
TV appearances Walking with Monsters: Water Dwellers
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Meet Brontoscorpio. He's a metre-long, monster scorpion, with gills and a stinger the size of a lightbulb.

Walking with Monsters: Water Dwellers

Brontoscorpio was a large sea scorpion from the Silurian. It is notable for being one of the first animals to walk onto land.

Physical appearance and biologyEdit

Brontoscorpio resembled a modern scorpion except that it was far larger and possessed gills as well as primitive lungs. This scorpion measured 1 metre long, and its stinger was around the size of a lightbulb. It had large pincers.

Behaviour and traitsEdit

Brontoscorpio was a mainly solitary animal which would most of the time hunted individually. However, they band together in colonies during the Cephalaspis breeding season to catch Cephalaspis en masse. Their style of hunting was to stab its prey with its huge stinger and to inject it with a highly toxic venom. The venom would paralyse the victim and with multiple jabs of the stinger, the prey would be dead within a matter of seconds. Although Brontoscorpio was a fierce predator, it too was prey. Large eurypterids like Pterygotus included the scorpion on their menu.

Like some modern arthropods, Brontoscorpio had to moult if it grew to large for its exoskeleton. The process of escaping its body would take approximately a day to complete and afterwards, Brontoscorpio would be vulnerable to attack as its skin would be soft.

Brontoscorpio was one of the first animals to walk onto dry land.  However, moving onto land for Brontoscorpio was a rare thing as most of its activity was under water.  One of the reasons this scorpion went onto dry land was to feast on Cephalaspis migrating to their spawning grounds.

In Walking with MonstersEdit

Water DwellersEdit

A Brontoscorpio spooked and chased a Cephalaspis before jabbing the camera with its stinger. Moments later, another scorpion attacked a shoal of Cephalaspis but was outran. Shortly afterwards, another Brontoscorpio chased a lone Cephalaspis. As the fish constantly rested, the scorpion gained on its prey. However, the Cephalaspis detected vibrations from underneath the sea bed and swam off and the Brontoscorpio was attacked and killed by a Pterygotus. The giant eurypterid then fed the corpse to her young.

Later, during the seasonal Cephalaspis spawning migration, a colony of Brontoscorpio came onto land to gather near the crossing where the fish had to swim across. As the fish crossed the land, several were stung and killed by the Brontoscorpio. In the distance, a lone scorpion shed its skin. After the day-long process was completed, the Brontoscorpio returned to the water.

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