CGTPL Cymbospondylus
Vital statistics
Attributes Serpentine body; small and fragile teeth, 11 metres in length
Diet Small marine animals
Fossil finds North America
Possibly Asia
Temporal fossil range 240 to 210mya
Other names
Production information
Notable individuals
TV appearances Sea Monsters: Dangerous Seas
Book appearances
I think it's a Cymbospondylus; one of that great group of marine reptiles: the ichthyosaurs. He's a primitive member of the group.

Sea Monsters: Dangerous Seas

Cymbospondylus was a primitive ichthyosaur from the Triassic. It was one of the top predators of its time.

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Cymbospondylus was a primitive member of a long-reigning group of marine reptiles called the ichthyosaurs. However, unlike its forerunners which look convergant to dolphins and porpoises, this ichthyosaur look nothing like them. With a slim and serpentine body, Cymbospondylus was more like a cross between an eel and a dolphin.

Despite it being one of the largest creatures in the Triassic seas, Cymbospondylus did not pose as a threat to other marine reptiles, one example being Nothosaurus. Its narrow jaws would better suited to tackling small and medium-sized prey like fish, ammonites and belemnites. Its long tail was perfect for fast acceleration so Cymbospondylus would move at high speeds and efficiently hunt shoals of fish. It could also feed on detached Tanystropheus tails by swallowing them whole.[1]

Adult Cymbospondylus mainly spent most of its time hunting game in deep offshore water. It only ventured into shallower water to breed or catching seasonally available prey. As like other members of the ichthyosaur group, Cymbospondylus was probably viviparous, meaning that it gave birth to live young. Once fully-grown, Cymbospondylus probably had few, if any, predators that could harm it.

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The Sixth Deadliest Sea EverEdit

Moments after accidently tearing off the tail of a Tanystropheus, the tail was snatched off of Nigel Marven by an adult Cymbospondylus. After swallowing its meal, the ichthyosaur circled Nigel. With his electric prod in hand, Nigel defended himself. The Cymbospondylus made several mock charges at Nigel before the episode cuts to the Time Map.

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  • The Complete Guide to Prehistoric Life inaccurately states that Cymbospondylus is the largest ichthyosaur known. The record of largest ichthyosaur actually belongs to Shastasaurus.

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