Vital statistics
Attributes Large sail; social; related to humans; related to Dimetrodon; first plant-eating reptile
Diet Vegetation
Fossil finds North America
Temporal fossil range Permian
282 to 256mya
Other names
Production information
Notable individuals
TV appearances Walking with Monsters: Reptile's Beginnings
Book appearances
Amazingly, these strange sail-backs are related to us.

Walking with Monsters: Reptile's Beginnings

Edaphosaurus was a pelycosaur from the Permian. It was the first plant-eating reptile to evolve.

Physical appearance and biologyEdit

Edaphosaurus was a large mammal-like reptile which resembled its relative Dimetrodon. It had a large and long sail running down its spine which was vividly coloured and patterned. However, unlike Dimetrodon, it had a small head with chisel-shaped teeth designed to grind up plant matter.

Edaphosaurus was blue with yellow stripes. Its sail had an eye-shaped pattern on it.

Behaviour and traitsEdit

Edaphosaurus was a mammal-like reptile related to the carnivorous Dimetrodon. This creature lived in herds of tens to hundreds of individuals. In these large groups, they nurtured and protected their offspring. Unlike its carnivorous relative, Edaphosaurus was a herbivore. It had a small head with chisel-shaped teeth perfectly designed for grinding plant matter.

The sail of Edaphosaurus was a sophisticated temperature-controlling device. The sail worked as a solar panel. In the morning, the creature was turn its sail towards the sun to absorb the heat. Doing this allowed it to warm up. During midday, Edaphosaurus probably turned its sail away from the sun to cool itself down.

Its sail could also be used as a method of intimidation and display. It could flush blood into the sail to create a bright pattern of colour. This was useful for many situations, i.e. being attacked by a Dimetrodon.

In Walking with MonstersEdit

Reptile's BeginningsEdit

After the Carboniferous reptile Petrolacosaurus evolved into an Edaphosaurus, a herd of them were basking in the sunlight on a hill.

However, over a hill, a female Dimetrodon watched them. As the carnivore edged towards the herd, they noticed and scattered. As the Dimetrodon locked onto a juvenile Edaphosaurus, it attacked and killed the youngster. It then fed on the carrion until a group of larger male Dimetrodon challenged her for the kill.

In the spring, the Edaphosaurus herd were resting underneath the conifers to shield their sails from the sun. The next day, as the adults rested, the youngsters played and tested their strength.

Behind the scenesEdit

Edaphosaurus appeared in Primeval in Connor Temple's database.  The image used was from Walking with Monsters.[1]

List of appearancesEdit

Notes and referencesEdit

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