CGTPL Hesperornis
Vital statistics
Attributes Flightless, toothed beak, amphibious
Diet Fish, other small marine animals
Fossil finds North America
Temporal fossil range Cretaceous
80 to 65mya
Other names
Production information
Notable individuals
TV appearances Sea Monsters: To Hell and Back?
Book appearances

Hesperornis was a relatively large, flightless bird from the Cretaceous.

Physical appearance and biologyEdit

Hesperornis was a flightless bird. It had a long head atop a long neck. Its beak was lined with sharp teeth. It had two, tiny legs.

Hesperornis had black feathers with red legs and a red head.

Behaviour and traitsEdit

Hesperornis was a flightless bird that lived in colonies of tens of individuals. Unlike most birds that lived during the Cretaceous, Hesperornis spent most of its life diving into the water or basking on land. Its body design handicapped it from moving too far but was perfect for aquatic life. On land, they were cumbersome and extremely vociferous.

Hesperornis were ichthyophagus, meaning that they primarily ate fish. They would glide through the water, chasing fish until they claimed their prey. However, since the Cretaceous waters were home to a menagerie of oceanic predators, Hesperornis was at risk of being eaten by sharks, Halisaurus, Xiphactinus and others.

Hesperornis, unlike most birds, had a set of teeth in its beak. This beak was used to help grip onto slippery prey like fish.

In Sea MonstersEdit

The Deadliest Sea EverEdit

A colony of Hesperornis were basking on the shoreline. Nigel Marven watched a pair fighting and some entering the water to catch prey. Whilst the Hesperornis were fishing, a gang of predators like Halisaurus, Xiphactinus and sharks began a feeding frenzy and killed several Hesperornis.

Behind the scenesEdit

List of appearancesEdit

Notes and referencesEdit

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