CGTPL Hybodus
Vital statistics
Attributes Two horns; spiny dorsal fin; streamlined body
Diet Small, slow-moving marine animals
Fossil finds Asia
North America
Temporal fossil range 230 to 90mya
Other names
Production information
Notable individuals
TV appearances Walking with Dinosaurs: Cruel Sea
Sea Monsters: To Hell and Back?
Book appearances

Hybodus was an ancient shark from the Mesozoic. This animal first appeared in the Triassic and became extinct during the Cretaceous.

Physical appearance and biologyEdit

Behaviour and traitsEdit

Hybodus was a remarkable shark that for tens of millions of years was very common in the seas around the world. It wasn't that big but had the typical streamlined shark shape, complete with two dorsal fins that was used to help it steer with precision. The mouth of Hybodus wasn't that large, and rather than ruthlessly hunt large prey, Hybodus was capable of eating wide range of foods. In its jaw, Hybodus possessed two different types of teeth: sharp ones for seizing slippery prey, such as fish and squid; flat and strong ones for crushing shelled animals, such as molluscs and sea urchins.

Like all other sharks, the skeleton of Hybodus was made of soft cartilage, which doesn't fossilize well. However, there have been discoveries of Hybodus' spiny dorsal fin, which was used as a means of defense. If another sea creature tried to swallow it, Hybodus could raise its dorsal spine so that it would stick in the roof of the predator's mouth, choking it to death.

In Walking with DinosaursEdit

Cruel SeaEdit

Several Hybodus were seen watching a mother Ophthalmosaurus struggle to give birth. As the sharks homed in, they scattered as the massive silhouette of an old, bull Liopleurodon appeared. Another Hybodus was seen pursuing an Ophthalmosaurus pup. The pup hid inbetween some coral and then darted away. Then the Hybodus shark then gave up.

Months later, several Hybodus were seen following a trail of blood left by a female Liopleurodon whose flipper was ripped by the old bull Liopleurodon.

In Sea MonstersEdit

The Second Deadliest Sea EverEdit

A Hybodus was seen alongside the crocodilian Metriorhynchus attacking a sick and slow Leedsichthys. The constant attacks later caused the Leedsichthys to die.

Behind the scenesEdit

List of appearancesEdit

Notes and referencesEdit

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