Vital statistics
Attributes Small tusks; lived in massive herds; had no social bond
Diet Vegetation
Fossil finds Antarctica
Temporal fossil range Triassic
248 to 245mya
Other names
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Notable individuals
TV appearances Walking with Monsters: Clash of Titans
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In these new forests, plant eaters recover first - one in particular.

Walking with Monsters: Clash of Titans

Lystrosaurus was a dicynodont from the Triassic. The population of this animal was half the population on Earth at that time.

Physical appearance and biologyEdit

Lystrosaurus was a large dicynodont which resembled its smaller ancestor Diictodon. It had a strong beak in-between two small tusks. It had four, splayed out legs and a very short tail.

Behaviour and traitsEdit

Lystrosaurus was a social animal. They lived in massive herds of hundreds of individuals. There were no social bonds between members of the herd. Therefore, if a single Lystrosaurus was attacked, the rest of the herd would ignore the attack rather than intervening.

WWM1x3 LystrosaurusHerdBrowsing

A herd of Lystrosaurus. (Clash of Titans)

The population of Lystrosaurus made up around half of the total population of animals on Earth. No animal has been this successful since the era of Lystrosaurus. This was especially extraordinary as Earth had only just recovered from the then-recent Permian mass extinction event which caused 95% of life to go extinct.

With such a large population, Lystrosaurus herds could plow through a large portion of a forest's low-lying vegetation in a short amount of time. Because of the large demand for food, Lystrosaurus would constantly migrate in search of more greenery.

In Walking with MonstersEdit

WWM1x3 LystrosaurusHerdOnRiverBank

A Lystrosaurus herd reluctant to cross a river. (Clash of Titans)

Clash of TitansEdit

A Diictodon evolved into a Lystrosaurus.

A herd of Lystrosaurus were in a forest feeding on the low-lying vegetation. They later migrated to find new growth. The only viable route was through a deep ravine.

During the night, the herd began the dangerous descent into the ravine. As the Lystrosaurus passed through the rocky crevice, a pack of venomous Therocephalians watched them. One leaped down from the cliff edge and viciously attacked a Lystrosaurus. The predator quickly bolted and the venom from its jaws paralysed its victim. The injured Lystrosaurus then collapsed and died. The rest of the herd passed by as the Therocephalians feasted.

WWM1x3 LystrosaurusKilledByChasmatosaur

A Lystrosaurus being killed by a Proterosuchus. (Clash of Titans)

The next day, the Lystrosaurus herd arrived at a river. As the herd clustered at the river bank, one individual had the courage to cross the waters. As he quickly swam up the river, he had to find a suitable place to get out of the water. The rest of the herd then followed by unfortunately for them, a group of Proterosuchus ambushed many of them.

Despite the carnage, the majority of the herd were still alive and continued their migration.

Later, a Euparkeria approached a Lystrosaurus corpse and then evolved into an Allosaurus.

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