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Welcome to my Message Wall! If you have any questions you need answering, ask away here. However, do not message me about the following issues.

  • Adminship - the administrators on the wiki will decide by themselves if you are eligible to become an admin or bureaucrat or any other role.
  • Canon questions - questions about the series should be directed to the Forum.
  • Requests - requests for pages or images or links to websites will not be given out. I will though answer requests about how I obtained them but not their location.
  • Policy changes - requests to change any rules or policies will be ignored as the rules and policies are the admin's call.

These however, you can ask me about.

  • Technical help - any questions regarding templates, MediaWiki pages will be replied to.
  • Block appeals - I will reply to block appeals.  Do not be upset if your appeal is denied; it is the administrator's call.
  • Block requests - I will respond to requests for the blocking of other users or yourself (if you choose to). Once again, do not be upset if your request is denied; as I said, it's the administrators call.

Thank you! :)  Lythronax talk to me! 16:33, April 9, 2014 (UTC)

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