CGTPL Nothosaurus
Vital statistics
Attributes Long, streamlined body; curious; sharp teeth; comfortable on both land and in water
Diet Other animals
Fossil finds Europe
North Africa
Temporal fossil range 240 to 210mya
Other names Nothosaur
Production information
Notable individuals
TV appearances Sea Monsters: Dangerous Seas
Book appearances
The nothosaurs, they can be a bit nippy but there are bigger reptiles down there that could easily kill a person.

Sea Monsters: Dangerous Seas

Nothosaurus was a marine reptile from the Triassic. It was part of a group of marine reptiles that include the plesiosaurs.


Nothosaurus was one of the select few Triassic reptiles that could live comfortably on both land and in the water. Mainly situated underwater, it would only go onto land to rest or sunbathe, as well as to lay its eggs.

When swimming, Nothosaurus would use its tail, legs and webbed feet to propel and steer its way through the water. This marine reptile was equipped with dozens of needle-sharp, interlocking teeth in a broad and flat skull. Its head was the perfect weapon to catch prey. Not only that, Nothosaurus hunted by sneaking up slowly on prey, such as shoals of fish, then accelerating at high speed at the last minute. With such a useful mouth design, not many animals could escape the Nothosaurus' jaws.

When it came to laying its eggs, Nothosaurus behaved remarkably similar to modern day turtles. The mother would drag herself onto land and would bury her eggs underneath the sand and would abandon them to their fate. Once hatched, the juveniles would scramble to the water while evading dinosaurian predators in the process.

When confronted by an unfamiliar animal, Nothosaurus would act curious and would investigate said animal. If the animal was small, chance are that the reptile would eat it. If larger, the Nothosaurus would either be curious or would flee.

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The Sixth Deadliest Sea EverEdit

On his voyage to find a Cymbospondylus, Nigel Marven spotted a Nothosaurus coming to the surface of the water to breathe. As it retreated underwater, Nigel followed with a scuba suit and an electric prod. As he swam, a pair of intrigued Nothosaurus investigated Nigel since he was the first human being they've seen. With the prod in hand, Nigel found out that the reptiles aren't dangerous; they're just curious. He then swam off to check out a Tanystropheus.

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