CGTPL Arsinoitherium

Arsinoitherium, an example of a paenungulate.

Paenungulates are mammals that are part of the group Paenungulata. This group includes the proboscideans, the extinct embrithopods and the sirenians.

Appearances in the programmesEdit

Walking with DinosaursEdit

Death of a DynastyEdit

The African elephant appeared at the end of the episode.

Walking with BeastsEdit

Whale KillersEdit

Moeritherium, an early paenungulate, appeared in the episode as a creature that dwelled in mangrove swamps.

Next of KinEdit

Deinotherium, a massive paenungulate, appeared in the episode as one of the many threats to Australopithecus.

Mammoth JourneyEdit

The Woolly mammoth, another paenungulate, was the main focus of the episode.

Walking with CavemenEdit

First Ancestors and Blood BrothersEdit

Deinotherium made brief cameos in both of these episodes.

The SurvivorsEdit

The Woolly mammoth appeared in the episode as the prey of Neanderthals.

Sea MonstersEdit

Into the Jaws of DeathEdit

Arsinoitherium, another paenungulate, appeared in the episode as an amphibious dweller of mangrove swamps.

Behind the scenesEdit

List of appearancesEdit

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