Vital statistics
Attributes Armoured body, streamlined design
Diet Other animals
Fossil finds
Temporal fossil range Devonian
Other names Possibly Bothriolepis
Production information
Notable individuals
TV appearances Sea Monsters: Dangerous Seas
Book appearances

The unidentified placoderm from Sea Monsters was an armoured fish from the Devonian.

Physical appearance and biologyEdit

Behaviour and traitsEdit

In Sea MonstersEdit

The Fifth Deadliest Sea EverEdit

Nigel Marven caught a placoderm in the Devonian to use it as bait for a Dunkleosteus.  However, as part of a bet between the crew and him, he wrapped the fish in chainmail to see if the Dunkleosteus could penetrate it.

On the dive, the Dunkleosteus ate the placoderm and vomited up the chainmail and armour.

Behind the scenesEdit

List of appearancesEdit

Notes and referencesEdit

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