Vital statistics
Attributes Crocodilian-like; hunted Lystrosaurus during annual migrations; lived near and in rivers
Diet Lystrosaurus; Euparkeria; other animals
Fossil finds Africa
Temporal fossil range Permian
248 to 245mya
Other names Chasmatosaur
Production information
Notable individuals
TV appearances Walking with Monsters: Clash of Titans
Book appearances
Chasmatosaurs are the earliest ancestors of crocodiles and alligators.

Walking with Monsters: Clash of Titans

Proterosuchus was an archosaur from the Triassic. It closely resembled a crocodilian.

Physical appearance and biologyEdit

Proterosuchus was a large archosaur that resembled crocodilians like gharials. It had slim jaws lined with sharp teeth. It had long legs in comparison to modern crocs and lacked the rough scales. It had a striped and relatively flat tail.

Proterosuchus was light green with a white underbelly and dark green stripes on the tail.

Behaviour and traitsEdit

Proterosuchus was an amphibious archosaur. It closely resembled modern day crocodilians such as the gharial. Like crocodiles, they mainly lived in water and sometimes came onto the bank to bask. Unlike most crocodiles, Proterosuchus was a social animal.

WWM1x3 ProterosuchusOnRiverBank

A group of basking Proterosuchus. (Clash of Titans)

The jaws of Proterosuchus were strong and were lined with sharp teeth used to grip onto prey. At the tip of the top jaw was a curvature. This curvature had slightly long and sharper teeth. This adaptation helped this creature to clamp onto prey without it straying away.

Proterosuchus also had rather long legs compared to other crocodilians or crocodilian-esque creature. However, these legs were not used for chasing. They were rather used for easier mobility on land and for better swimming abilities under water.

During the seasonal Lystrosaurus migrations, Proterosuchus served as a major threat to the herd as well as the water. When a Lystrosaurus herd had to cross a river, the resident archosaurs would take advantage of the situation and would attack as many animals as possible. With its power and the conditions, the attacks performed were often fatal. The Proterosuchus would feed on the festering corpses after the remaining Lystrosaurus had left.

In Walking with MonstersEdit

WWM1x3 ProterosuchusSwimming

A swimming Proterosuchus. (Clash of Titans)

Clash of TitansEdit

At a river bank, a group of Proterosuchus were basking with their jaws wide open. A Euparkeria approached one of the archosaurs which had a dragonfly resting in its jaws. As the reptile approached the resting chasmatosaur, the dragonfly flew away and the Proterosuchus snapped its jaws at the Euparkeria but it fled. The chasmatosaur then chased its prey.

The group of Proterosuchus then returned to the water as the Lystrosaurus herd approached the river to cross it.

As lots of Lystrosaurus began to cross the river, the Proterosuchus began to massacre them. After the remaining Lystrosaurus reached the opposite side of the river, the chasmatosaurs began to feast on the floating corpses.

Later, as a Euparkeria began to feed on a corpse, it evolved into an Allosaurus in front of a cowering Proterosuchus.

Behind the scenesEdit

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Palaeontological inaccuraciesEdit

Notes and referencesEdit

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