Vital statistics
Attributes Large body; small frill; sharp and powerful beak; very aggressive; intolerant to the colour red
Diet Vegetation
Fossil finds Asia
Temporal fossil range Cretaceous
85 to 70mya
Other names The sheep of the Cretaceous
Production information
Notable individuals
TV appearances Chased by Dinosaurs: The Giant Claw
Book appearances
These were so common in the Nemegt Desert 75 million years ago, some palaeontologists called these "the sheep of the Cretaceous".

Chased by Dinosaurs: The Giant Claw

Protoceratops was a small ceratopsian from the Cretaceous. It was one of the most common dinosaurs in the Nemegt Desert during the Cretaceous.

Physical appearance and biologyEdit

Protoceratops was a relatively small ceratopsian. It had a large head with a small frill and a sharp beak filled with teeth. Its forelimbs were shorter than its hind limbs. It also had a short tail.

Behaviour and traitsEdit

Protoceratops was a small herbivore. It was an early relative of the larger ceratopsians Triceratops, Torosaurus and Pachyrhinosaurus but it had the same package. It had a small, blank frill which was most likely used for display. Unlike most of the later ceratopsians, it lacks any horns or frill ornaments.

The beak of Protoceratops was extremely sharp and strong. It was one of its only defenses against predators. Its beak could deliver a powerful bite that could snap bones. However, the main use for its beak was to feed. Inside its mouth were sharp teeth designed to grind up plant matter.

Protoceratops were very aggressive dinosaurs. As well as being aggressive towards predators (naturally), they were also hostile towards their own kind. They were also aggressive towards harmless animals.

In Chased by DinosaursEdit

The Giant ClawEdit

Whilst searching for Therizinosaurus - the giant claw, Nigel Marven came across a herd of nesting Protoceratops blocking his path. In order to pass through the small dinosaurs, Nigel thought of an idea to use a red flag to distract them, like a modern bull.

As Nigel entered the nesting site, the aggressive Protoceratops confronted him but fortunately for him, he managed to pass. The cameraman on the other hand was watching as a Protoceratops attacked the microphone.

In a forest, when watching a pack of Velociraptors, Nigel found out that the carnivores were hunting a lone male Protoceratops. The dromaeosaurs relentlessly attacked the ceratopsian until it collapsed of shock and blood loss. The carnivores then fed on the corpse. One Velociraptor, whose arm was snapped by the Protoceratops' beak, watched its peers feed from a distance.

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