Vital statistics
Attributes Small head crest; lived in herds; could flatten light objects
Diet Vegetation
Fossil finds Asia
Temporal fossil range Cretaceous
Other names
Production information
Notable individuals
TV appearances Chased by Dinosaurs: The Giant Claw
Book appearances
This was it - my first dinosaur encounter!

Chased by Dinosaurs: The Giant Claw

Saurolophus was a hadrosaur from the Cretaceous. It was one of the most common dinosaurs in Mongolia during the late Cretaceous.

Physical appearance and biologyEdit

Saurolophus was a rather large hadrosaurid. It had large hind-limbs and small forelimbs. It had a duck-like bill with a large battery of teeth. It also had a small crest at the back of its head.

TGC SaurolophusJoinsHerd

A Saurolophus approaching its herd. (The Giant Claw)

Saurolophus was mostly tan with a dark grey crest and stripes. In those stripes, it had large eye-shaped patterns.

Behaviour and traitsEdit

Saurolophus was a herbivorous dinosaur. It had a duck-like bill packed with a battery of teeth. Its jaws and teeth were designed for chewing plant matter rather than just swallowing it.

Saurolophus were social animals and lived in herds. This was mostly likely for protection about large predators like Tarbosaurus and maybe even Velociraptor. Rather than fighting, they would flee to escape danger.  As they were relatively fast animals, that wouldn't be an issue.

In Chased by DinosaursEdit

TGC SaurolophusFleesTarbosaurus

A Saurolophus herd fleeing from a Tarbosaurus. (The Giant Claw)

The Giant ClawEdit

Whilst examining a Therizinosaurus claw, Nigel Marven's tent was flattened by a Saurolophus. Nigel investigated one of the animals feeding on a bush. Whilst observing the creature, it sneezed on Nigel, to his delight. Nigel then returned to the flattened tent for the Therizinosaurus claw.

At the shore of a lake, Nigel found a herd of Saurolophus drinking.  After being chased by a pack of Velociraptors, the herd was scared off by a Tarbosaurus.

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