SM1x3 Shark
Vital statistics
Attributes Carcharodon-esque body shape, inter-species group hunter
Diet Hesperornis, other marine animals
Fossil finds North America
Temporal fossil range Cretaceous
Other names Possibly Squalicorax
Production information
Notable individuals
TV appearances Sea Monsters: To Hell and Back?
Book appearances

The unidentified shark from Sea Monsters was a shark from the Cretaceous.

Physical appearance and biologyEdit

This shark was relatively long for shark standards and had a body similar in shape to Megalodon except on a smaller scale.

Behaviour and traitsEdit

This shark hunted animals such as Hesperornis. It commonly hunted alongside other animals such as Xiphactinus and Halisaurus.

In Sea MonstersEdit

To Hell and Back?Edit

The shark as well as several Xiphactinus and Halisaurus launched a joint assault on a diving Hesperornis colony. The predators began a feeding frenzy and killed several birds before leaving.

Behind the scenesEdit

Though not identified, many fans have speculated that the shark is in fact Squalicorax.

It uses the same model as Megalodon.

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Notes and referencesEdit