Vital statistics
Attributes Slender body; toxic venom more potent than that of a black mamba; nocturnal
Diet Lystrosaurus; other animals
Fossil finds South Africa
Temporal fossil range Triassic
Other names Possibly Euchambersia
Production information
Notable individuals
TV appearances Walking with Monsters: Clash of Titans
Book appearances
They are being watched by a vicious, nocturnal hunter - a therocephalian.

Walking with Monsters: Clash of Titans

Therocephalians were venomous therapsids from the Triassic. They possessed a venom more potent than that of a modern black mamba.

Physical appearance and biologyEdit

Therocephalians had a sleek and slender body. Its jaws were lined with sharp fangs which were connected to venom glands. It had powerful eyes with strong eyesight, especially in the dark.

Behaviour and traitsEdit

WWM1x3 TherocephalianOnCliff

A Therocephalian watching a herd of Lystrosaurus atop a cliff. (Clash of Titans)

Therocephalians hunted in packs. However, only one member would make the attack as a group tackle wouldn't be necessary. Once the creature mortally wounded their victim, the Therocephalians would wait until their prey succumbed to their injuries and would then feast.

Therocephalians were unique compared to other animals from its time as it was venomous. Its venom was more potent than the deadliest snakes on Earth today. With such as lethal venom, the creatures would need to fight its prey. It would simply bite its victim and then would run off until the venom did its job. Once the venom entered the victim's blood stream, the animal would be paralysed and would die within minutes.

In Walking with MonstersEdit

Clash of TitansEdit

WWM1x3 TherocephalianAttacksLystrosaurus

A Therocephalian attacking a Lystrosaurus. (Clash of Titans)

A Therocephalian stalked a herd of Lystrosaurus during the night atop a rocky cliff. The predator then pounced onto its prey and bit it. As its attacker ran off, the Lystrosaurus shook its head in agony before collapsing. The rest of the Therocephalian pack then came in for the kill. The pack then fed on the corpse.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Thrinaxodon model from Walking with Dinosaurs was used for the Therocephalian in Walking with Monsters.

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