Vital statistics
Attributes Large sickle claw on foot; narrow jaws; fast; agile
Diet Protoceratops; other animals
Fossil finds Asia
Temporal fossil range Cretaceous
80 to 70mya
Other names
Production information
Notable individuals
TV appearances Chased by Dinosaurs: The Giant Claw
Book appearances
They're six feet long and they're pretty lethal predators...

Chased by Dinosaurs: The Giant Claw

Velociraptor was a dromaeosaur from the Cretaceous. It was lethal pack hunter armed with deadly weapons.

Phyiscal appearance and biologyEdit

Velociraptor was a small theropod. It had small and slender body with a long tail which was used for balance. It had long arms and legs. On each foot, it possessed a distinctive sickle claw exclusive to the dromaeosaurs.

Velociraptor had light green scales with some dark green stripes.

Behaviour and traitsEdit

TGC Velociraptor 21

Velociraptors confronting a Protoceratops. (The Giant Claw)

Velociraptor was a small raptor. It was a creature that hunted in packs. As it was a lethal hunter armed to the teeth, being in a group would make it a dangerous adversary. With their large brains, they could have planned efficient, coordinated attacks.

Velociraptor, like other dromaeosaurs, were fast, agile and lightweight dinosaurs. Despite its nimble body, it was a powerful hunter.

Like all other dromaeosaurs, Velociraptor possessed a sickle claw on each foot. It was used to latch onto its victims to either disembowel or gore them.

However, despite its strength and ferociousness, Velociraptor didn't like loud noises.  If they heard a loud noise, they would flee.

In Chased by DinosaursEdit

TGC Velociraptor 59

A pack of Velociraptors feeding on a Protoceratops corpse. (The Giant Claw)

The Giant ClawEdit

Whilst searching for Therizinosaurus - the giant claw, Nigel Marven saw and heard vague figures in a forest. Nigel followed them and discovered that they were Velociraptors in a pack. He then found out that they were hunting an adult Protoceratops. Whilst most of them attacked their prey, one waited on the side as its arm was snapped by the ceratopsian. As the attacks took down the Protoceratops, they began to feed on the carcass. The injured Velociraptor waited until its peers had their fill.

Later, whilst investigating a collection of Therizinosaurus bones and teeth, a pack of Velociraptor's confronted Nigel and the cameraman but they bolted. The pair ran through the forest and climbed atop some tall tree stumps where the pack hunters could not get to. Nigel then used a bicycle horn to repel the Velociraptors.

In Sea MonstersEdit

The Seventh Deadliest Sea EverEdit

A pack of Velociraptors chased Nigel in the introduction.

Image galleryEdit

Wiki-wordmarkVelociraptor image gallery.

Behind the scenesEdit

List of appearancesEdit

Palaeontological inaccuraciesEdit

  • Velociraptor never lived in forests. It actually lived in desert climates.
  • All dromaeosaurids, including Velociraptor had feathers.
  • In 2011, a study of its sclerotic rings suggests that the raptor was nocturnal.

Notes and referencesEdit

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